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Paula dean recipes are carefully selected Southern and other meals and food for your cooking. You can have Paula dean recipes of different cultures.

Paula Deen chocolate drink recipe for the Summer

Paula Deen cold chocolate drink recipe
Paula Deen cold chocolate drink recipe

Sip this Paula Deen Summer drink recipe to cool off the summer heat.  easy to make, lovely to consume.  Whip yogurt in milk, add chocolate or cocoa powder. Blend all ingredients. Next add some banana pieces to the mixture and serve cold.  This Paula Deen recipe  has another variation –  use raspberry juice instead of cocoa.

Paula Deen recipes for Summer juice drinks

Paula Deen recipes for fruit drink - Sweet Tea
Paula Deen recipes for fruit drink – Sweet Tea

Picking Paula Deen recipes for fruit juices for the month of July,  I happen to go the way of a colorful syrup – the sweetened tea with strawberry or cherries.  Cocktails are common for this time of the year  but they tend to be so formal and take some time to get a real good one for the table. The tea option is quite casual and quick.  It beautifully serves personal moments like relaxing on the porch on a weekend day or sharing some time with friends at the balcony.

Originally a Paula Deen recipe,  the ingredients  can be substituted widely except that some fruits like grapes wont make the preparation look that colorful.

Making this recipe is a breeze – stir sugar into a glass of water till an even solution forms.  Boil the fruits, strain and pour the mixture into the sweetened water or add a syrup of fruit, say strawberry, into the water. Both methods will result in a juice but the first approach, boiling, will have a smooth taste whilst the second will come off with a tangerine texture.

Garnishing is optional. You can go for celery, mint or fruit pieces.

Paula Deen selects top recipes for 4th July

Paula Deen recipes for all ocassions
Paula Deen recipes for all ocassions

Paula Deen celebrated the 4th of July in a unique way. The Southern Culinary icon brought together the very best of her food in honor of the declaration of independence. In a sharp deviation from previous celebrations, the Chef treated her participants to a cocktail of desserts,  veggies, cakes and all that the expert cook deemed best for her fans.

We show her in a casual embroidery dress laying out the delicacies and gourmets.