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Paula Deen Cooking is about fans

Well the main actor on Paula Deen Cooking is Paula Deen but the episodes are all about the fans. The new series are made to help all those who like the show to be as part of it as possible. All in all, the recipes, the dashboard, the new layout and the enhanced interaction has all proved to be user-centered.

So the Paula Deen Cooking is our show and it was made for us. Guests and subscribers alike have come to like the splendid layout, recipe illustration,  large video formats and games.

Now we all make the show a communal affair. Everyone enjoys a part.

Recipe for boneless chicken with mango salad and orange dressing

Recipe for boneless chicken recipe has been the favorite and many like it with spices. In this simple recipe with mango salad, you have the additional option of flavoring your boneless chicken with orange too so you get a fruit taste.

You can serve the recipe for boneless chicken 4 with a meager 1.5 pound of chicken heavily spiced with ginger and red onion. It cooks in 25 minutes and can be said to be a meal you ca count on when in a great haste.

Cilantro lime recipe for boneless chicken fajitas with grilled onions

The cilantro boneless chicken recipe is one filled up with onions. This recipe is kid friendly and one of the few fajitas meals making it just 25 min of cooking.Serving 6, this boneless chicken recipe is made from fresh lime juice, poblano and bell pepper. So it fits a Mexican or Mediterranean traditional cooking.