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Paula Deen Cooking TV Crew

The Paula Deen Cooking episodes are brought to viewers by the Paula Deen Ventures, LLC, a company that operates restaurants, kitchen appliance shops and food product stores.  It is this company that runs the Team which produces the Show.

The Crew is a full fledged broadcasting Team comprising Producers, PROs., Editors, technical staff, videographers, set designers, make up artists and any other production assistant. To obtain more camera angles and fully record events at obscure corners, several free hand professional portable camcorders will be deployed.

Though the Paula Deen Cooking has adopted an online platform, the crew will still operate at optimal broadcast quality; making full use of modern digital broadcast and channel optimization. Transmission of Live, studio or taped events will follow the strictest audio and video quality assurance like any other notable media house. However one thing that will be missing from the show is a script. The Show will be run spontaneous from Paula Deen’s kitchen and unformatted so as to make it look real and not staged.

Already, the Paula Deen crew has performed transmission tests and are satisfied with the performance of gadgetry, machinery and equipment.

Recipes on The Show

There will be a whole new bunch of classic and new recipes on the Paula Deen TV program. Fans will get a taste of meals and food presented according to many different criteria.

On some days, Paula will feature food based on their cooking methods. So the same food will be demonstrated by boiling ingredients, frying or grilling them. On other days, meals will be featured based on their social significance. In this case, we will have Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving or New Year recipes.

Sometimes recipes will be based on cost so we get simple meals, gourmets, basic food or festive dishes. Presentations could also depend on the texture of the food. There will be soups, juices, potato or jam.  Likewise dishes that will be based on age such as kid food, medical conditions like diabetic options or performance meals that boost athletics.

There could be times when the show element will also be classified according to where the ingredients will be obtained from such as seafood, veggies or legumes. One other differentiating item will be lifestyles.  The Paula Deen program will feature food centered around vegetarian or meat connoisseurs.

The essence of all these classification and variety by the Paula Deen series is to move away from classic cooking shows and give fans more variety, greater choices and less boredom.

Paula Deen Cooking

Paula Deen Cooking is a new event meant to change the way we view and enjoy cooking. It features solely on an online platform from which users can interact with the Chef just as they do on any other social network. In reality it is a combination of TV and New Media. Fans now have the ability to take their favorite recipes, meals and cooking wherever they go.

It will not only be about cooking – viewers will get to interact with Paula Deen and share with her some  of the joyous moments she has in life.

So in all, the Paula Deen Cooking series will be about community – the Chef engaging with her fans and bringing the cooking to them; the viewers enjoying their recipes and interacting with their  celebrity.